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Tips for Having a Social (Media) Wedding

Social media has invaded nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It seems that we can't go anywhere without someone snapping an Instagram picture, tweeting, checking in, or updating a status. So what does this mean for your wedding and your guests? While some brides and grooms have taken a no-nonsense approach to the wedding and have asked that guests refrain from posting about the big day, Okanagan Event Rentals has seen that others are embracing social media and are using it to enhance the celebration.
To start, guests should be made aware that they are not to interfere with the professionals at the wedding. Your photographer should not have to worry about people standing up in the middle of his shot so that they can take a photo with their iPhone. Your servers should not have to stand holding the plate of food while a guest takes a photo for Instagram, and phones should be on silent or vibrate at all times, but particularly during the ceremony and speeches. All flash photography should be prohibited when the pro photographer is doing their thing, otherwise it could ruin the photos that you are paying good money for.
Now that the basic etiquette is out of the way, we can move on to finding ways to enhance the wedding experience and memories. You are going to be on an emotional high, you will be busy, and at times you may feel stressed. Your day will fly by faster than you can say Snapchat, so take advantage of social media to help you remember or show you the small things that you may have missed. Use Okanagan Event Rentals' 4 tips below to help you navigate social media for your wedding.

Create a Special Wedding Hashtag

This is going to help you and your guests organize photos, stories, and anecdotes from the big day. Encourage people to use the hashtag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so that people can participate no matter what platform they are comfortable with. Make sure the hashtag is unique and short so that it won't get muddied with other people's posts from unrelated events and those on twitter won't use up their precious 140 characters with #SteveAndJuliesPentictonWedding2014. #SJWedding or #SJWedYYF (YYF is Penticton's airport code!) are much easier to use and remember.


Encourage Stories

Social media is the perfect place for your guests to share behind-the-scenes and candid wedding stories. You will want someone to tweet that your little niece said “This is fun but weddings are for old people. I'm never getting married!” It's an adorable memory. Just be sure that guests are aware that you don't need crass comments or photos posted of your high school friend doing shots with the waiter in the kitchen.

Embrace Skype

Chances are, there is someone who won't be able to make it to your wedding. Maybe they live across the country, or maybe your aunt got sick – either way, plan to broadcast your wedding online.

Create an Online Place For Sharing

Whether you create a wedding website, a Facebook group, a page or something else entirely, having an online home for your wedding is a great idea. This is a place for you to put extra information that wouldn't normally go in an invitation. Links to wedding gift registries, information on hashtags, biographies on the wedding party – this is a space for you to freely answer any questions that your guests may have, so make the most of it.
A social media wedding isn't for everyone, but if you choose to embrace it, it can add a little extra something to the wedding experience and the memories afterward. Like anything, a little planning can go a long way, so start early and take advantage of the new digital resources available to you.